Through years of shared gym routines, lifelong friends Darren Linnell and Neil Blewitt knew how hard it was to lose weight and stay in shape. They'd been there, done it and got the sweaty t-shirts!

In late 2008, the two friends decided there must be a better way to compliment regular exercise. The only available options at the time were pills, supplements and powders which did not appeal to them, so they started to discuss potential alternatives. After many hours of research and discussions the idea for Aspire, a new weight management drink was born.

Within weeks of the concept, Aspire was a trading company and further research was underway. Product development and testing took the Aspire team to leading nutritionists, fitness experts and drinks manufactures in the UK and across the world. Inspired by the extremely positive response, Darren and Neil left their careers to work full-time on Aspire.

During 2009, in partnership with a renowned food and drinks Institute and a major drinks manufacture in Austria, the first batch of Aspire Cranberry flavour drink was created. After a few tweaks and fine tuning, the drink was ready to prove its’ claims so Aspire and its associated benefits were rigorously put through their paces by Dr John O’Hara, from the Carnegie Complex of Leeds Metropolitan University, and it passed with flying colours.

Just a year later, the two friends launched Aspire at the Food & Drink Expo in Birmingham and received overwhelming interest and support from the press, trade and consumers alike. Since that exhibition in Birmingham and the first idea in 2008, Darren, Neil and Aspire haven't looked back. Having already netted two industry awards, the Aspire Brand is now established as a firm customer favourite in leading health store Holland & Barrett, as well as listings in major retailers such as Tesco. Consumers are enjoying this better-for-you healthy energy drink as it becomes part of their lifestyle choice, and many are easily managing their weight goals, across 9 countries around the world, and counting.

It's this journey that has made Aspire one of the most exciting newcomers to the health and fitness sector today. And it's this gained experience – watching a dream turn into reality – that will keep the whole Aspire team striving for even more…

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